How do you create value through sustainability?


Climate Action 100+ adds 10 Australian companies to list

Marian Gruber | 04/07/2018

Australian companies Adelaide Brighton, AGL, BlueScope Steel, Boral Limited, Bunge Limited, Origin, Qantas, Woodside Petroleum and Woolworths have been added to the Climate Action 100+ (climate investor initiative) list, which identifies companies to be influenced to transition to clean energy. The list was compiled to help achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. The initial list was compiled using the companies CDP data on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.  More information is available here.

GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE: Transition to GRI Standards effective from July 1st

Marian Gruber | 01/07/2018

For organisations that have been using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 sustainability reporting guidelines, please note that from July 1 (this week!), in order to be recognised as a GRI report, ALL reports published from this date must have transitioned to the GRI Standards, launched in 2016. For more information, contact ZOOiD.

GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE: Updates to the GRI Water and Effluents and Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Marian Gruber | 01/07/2018

Revised versions of the following standards are now available:

The revised GRI 403 Occupational Health and Safety Standard aligns with key international instruments from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and with ISO 45001.  The revised GRI 303 Water and Effluent Standard addresses the investors’ perspective and approach to measuring water risk and water security, and it is aligned wherever possible with other reporting frameworks, including the CEO Water Mandate Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines, and the revised CDP Water Questionnaire.For more information, contact ZOOiD.

ZOOiD Client Australian Ethical Investment wins Gold Award at the Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA)

Marian Gruber | 20/06/2018

We're extremely pleased to have worked with Australian Ethical Investment on their 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report which has won a Gold award at the Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA) in June. ARA seeks reports that 

  • Provide a balanced and reasonable picture of their economic, environmental, and social performance;
  • Facilitate comparability, benchmarking and assessment of performance; and
  • Address issues of concern to stakeholders.


ZOOiD has worked with Australian Ethical for a number of years now on their sustainability reports, providing a range of services.  Australian Ethical’s Sustainability Report 2015 won the 'Best RI Report by an Asset Manager' Award at the Responsible Investment (RI) Reporting Awards 2016 in London as part of the RI Europe Conference in 2016.

ZOOiD Client Aluminium Bahrain releases first GRI Sustainability Report

Marian Gruber | 01/03/2018

Together with partner GreenChip, ZOOiD worked with Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) on the compilation of their first GRI Standards Sustainability Report. Producing a sustainability report is not an easy task, however, the team absolutely rose to the challenge, and, as we can see, the report is a comprehensive overview of Alba's business and sustainability impacts.


ZOOiD client Tassal Group releases seventh GRI Sustainability Report

Marian Gruber | 01/03/2017

ZOOiD’s long standing client Tassal Group has released their seventh Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Report, and we are extremely pleased to have been closely involved in the compilation of each report. The report is a mature and transparent reflection of Tassal's sustainability impacts and performance.   

Tassal’s 2015 and 2013 Sustainability Reports were benchmarked as the world's number one in global fish farming for corporate, social and environmental reporting by (Tassal’s 2016 and 2014 Sustainability Report was benchmarked 2nd in the world). 

Tassal’s Sustainability Report 2014 was rated at the level of Leading for the 2014 financial reporting cycle in the 2015 edition of ACSI’s (Australian Council of Superannuation Investors) annual research report, Corporate Reporting in Australia: Disclosure of sustainability risks among S&P/ASX200 companies. The Leading rating is the highest of five categories.

Task Force on Climate Related Disclosures (TCFD) Knowledge Hub launched

Marian Gruber | 01/05/2017

The TCFD and the Climate Related Disclosures Standards Board (CDSB) have launched an online platform to assist organisations with quality reporting on climate related disclosures. A range of resources are available including a global representation of legislation and regulations, frameworks, standards, guidance, research papers and other tools. The TCFD knowledge hub is available here.