Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting.  What’s it all about?  Telling your sustainability story – that’s what.  Every organisation has a sustainability story – whether it’s a journey they’ve already embarked upon, or a journey they’re just starting.  It’s time to tell yours.

This is how we can help:

Sustainability reporting using the GRI sustainability reporting framework


Writing your own sustainability report can be time consuming and also a little daunting. Using the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we can write a world class report for you or simply provide advisory services around using the framework if you’d like to write it yourself.  We can also edit your report to ensure its adherence to the framework. Reports need not necessarily be only in print format. We can present your sustainability report through various communication platforms.  

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training

(ZOOiD is the GRI’s first Australia/New Zealand’s first Certified Training Partner)


ZOOiD provides a range of GRI Certified training courses, including our highly regarded two day ‘Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Process’ workshop.   

We also offer the G4 Bridging module to help you move from the G3.1 to G4 versions of the framework, the two day GRI Sustainability Reporting for SMEs workshop, and, in collaboration with the GRI Amsterdam office, the GRI Business Transparency Program for supply chain reporting.

Strategic planning for sustainability reporting

We can help you plan how to approach writing your sustainability report, including scheduling, who to involve, what information is required for the level of complexity of your report,  the tone, language used, benchmarking your report against other organisations in your industry sector, liaising with the Global Reporting Initiative, and plenty more.

Third party review of your sustainability report

  • In preparation for a GRI Application Level Check
  • In preparation for general publication

If you would like an objective and expert set of eyes to review your report for integrity and quality as well as adherence to the GRI framework, leave it to us.  As well as training in how to prepare GRI reports, we’ve also written them! Pre-publication (useful to ensure you will meet GRI Application Level Checks or alternatively just to know that you’re on track) and post-publication reviews (to make your next report even better) are available.