Integrated Reporting

Why undertake integrated reporting rather than sustainability reporting?  The primary reason is that stakeholders that provide financial capital to your organisation may want to see how you create value for your organisation and others in the short, medium and longer term. This kind of report will help to define the value that you create in terms of the following 'capitals': financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship and natural capital and also help the providers of financial capital make more informed decisions about your real returns.

Integrated reporting shows that you understand the interdependencies and relationships in your organisation that create value.  What’s your value creation story?

This is how we can help:

Integrated reporting using the <IR>framework


Integrated reporting <IR> is a relatively new field. You may require time to transition from traditional reporting (annual reporting, GRI sustainability reporting and other types of reporting) to truly understand how to prepare an integrated report.  Using the International Integrated Reporting Council's (IIRC) reporting framework, we can write your integrated report for you and map your other reporting to accomodate the framework. Or, we can simply provide mentoring/advisory services around using the framework if you’d like to write it yourself.  We can also edit your report to ensure its adherence to the framework.

Strategic planning for sustainability reporting


We can help you plan how to approach your integrated report, including: exploring the applicability of the six <IR> capitals, reviewing the internal and external influences of your organisation and your business model, stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, strategy and resource allocation, risk and opportunities analysis, and developing a strategic focus for the short, medium and long term.


Review organisational communications

We can review your organisational communications to facilitate a true integrated reporting approach


Third party review of your integrated report

If you would like an objective and expert set of eyes to review your report for integrity and quality as well as adherence to the <IR> framework, leave it to us.  Pre-publication and post-publication reviews (to make your next report even better) are available.