Tassal benchmarked as world's top corporate, social and environmental reporter in salmon and trout farming

As a result of our engagement with Tasmanian salmon producer Tassal, the company has been benchmarked as the world's number one in global fish farming for corporate, social and environmental reporting by, an independent international seafood market intelligence news and information service! This is the third year that ZOOiD worked with Tassal on the development of their sustainability report.  Both ZOOiD and Tassal are extremely proud of this recognition.

Australian Paper releases its fourth (and first G4) GRI Sustainability Report

For the fourth year running, ZOOiD produced Australian Paper's GRI sustainability report, with the major difference this year being the first year that the GRI's G4 guidelines were used. With the focus in the new version guidelines on reporting on what matters (what is material), as part of the report development process, we undertook a formal materiality assessment with the management team to determine key topics.

Australian Ethical Investment Limited Annual and Sustainability Report 2014

Australian Ethical Investment  Limited has recently published their combined Annual and Sustainability Report 2014.  Australian Ethical is a new client for ZOOiD, and we were very pleased to work with them to produce their first combined (annual and sustainability) Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) aligned G4 report.  Ethical investment is an extremely interesting field and we learned a lot about responsible investment in working with the Australian Ethical team in Sydney.